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About Container Gardening Services, Seattle Area

Container Gardening Services, Seattle AreaWe specialize in container gardening services for residential landscapes in and around Seattle, designing and installing all types of container gardens. Our projects range from large outdoor container groupings to space-efficient indoor ones.

We have proven knowledge of soil, plant varieties, maintenance, disease, and design. This expertise in horticulture guides us in combining the right elements for healthy container gardens. We understand the importance of a well-designed and properly maintained container garden and what each component requires in order to make it flourish.

We also have an artistic eye and a history of working in the arts. This combination of our love for both art and horticulture can be found in each of her pieces. Using these talents we have learned about the style of the home or garden and then creates a design.

Carefully working through each detail of our projects, we consider the type of container and which plants work well together to compliment the surroundings. This focus on aesthetics, combined with an understanding of what makes plants thrive, are what make container gardening services from Seasonal Color Pots so successful.

Container Gardening Services, Seattle Area Living and working in the Seattle, Washington area has given us a thorough understanding of how to use flowers and plants in our container designs that will flourish in this unique climate. The container gardening services that we offer are built around these factors. Each detail, down to which soil and fertilizer to use, is included in our design process bearing in mind the environment as a whole.

We keep our knowledge current with continuing education. Within the vast field of horticulture there is always new research available for plant care. There are constantly new discoveries such as which types of soils are best for plants and the environment or in the case of container plantings, what type of materials should be considered. We are members of Plant Amnesty and Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association. Through these associations we are kept up-to-date as well as able to share our experience and knowledge to bring awareness to current issues.