Seasonal Color Pots

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Q: How do we begin?

A: We ask clients to begin by answering our standard questionnaire. After your questionnaire is returned, we will schedule a site visit.

Q: Will you provide the outdoor pots for my garden, or can you use my containers?

A: Seasonal Color Pots can choose appropriate containers or, depending on size, use your existing containers. Our service includes consulting with you about containers of proper size and scale for your garden.

Q: How much do your container gardening services cost?

A: It always depends on your project. Projects have ranged from $400 to $10,000.

Q: What kind of maintenance do potted plants require, and can you take care of that?

A: Container plants require regular and specific maintenance. We can provide affordable, professional maintenance to our container clients.

Q: Do you change the garden planters depending on the weather?

A: Because different varieties do much better during different times of the year, we advise updating your plants seasonally for the best results. Many of our clients like to change twice per year – in the spring and in the fall.

Q: How far will you travel to design a project?

A: We travel all around the Seattle Metro area and Puget Sound Region. Travel costs are factored into the overall price of your container garden project.

Q: I don’t have room for outdoor containers because I live in a condominium with no balcony. What about indoor plants?

A: Seasonal Color Pots can create a beautiful indoor garden with a variety of indoor plants. Call us at (425) 803-9881 to request a site visit and estimate.

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