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Green-ier Than Thou

comic 2 comic1 The two Pearls Before Swine comics at the top of this blog were created by my favorite cartoonist, Stephan Pastis.  I laughed particularly hard when I read them, because I am a vegetarian (of over 30 years), organic gardener, recycler, childless, friend of the Earth, etc. etc.  If I took a good look at my carbon footprint, it would probably be pretty small.

I don’t look, however.  How many times have we run into folks who are good hearted and green, but a bit too vocal about their green Patio Container Garden in Bloomaccomplishments?  If I wanted to get into a green smackdown with someone I might win—or I might go down in a TKO.

Whether you are experienced at vegetable gardening, ornamental gardening or container gardening, remember that there is always someone out there who is just starting out and may not have good information about how to proceed down the path of righteous green-ness.  Try to be forgiving and helpful and, before getting on your high horse, realize that there is always someone out there who could be green-ier than thou.